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     TPMS RF-ID     It is TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)  

Inductance Unloaded Q S.R.F. Sensitivty Frequency
7.2mH 55 700KHz 50mV/μT 125KHz
4.7mH 49 700KHz 50mV/μT 125KHz
2.89mH 45 700KHz 50mV/μT 125KHz


      Valiable Coil for Surface Mounting   


Highly durable against mechanical stress

Wide operating temperature range(-40~105℃)Locatable behind cluster panel in vehicle

Over 1,000 hours guarantee in reliability characteristics based on evaluation test up to 3,000 hours

Terminal coplanality :0.1mm max.


1. 470μH~10mH

2. 1MHz~10MHz

3. L±5%

4. 5~510pF×1 can be mounted



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